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High intensity modulator
Patent product : High intensity modulator
Patent number : ZL201220449120.6
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An adjustment device for structural improvement, belonging to automobile seat accessories.Including: connecting and connecting the center of the whole set, advantages;Small size, simple structure, easy assembly, and only one height regulator can be installed on each seat, which can save the use cost.Good flexibility and tight lock: with friction drive, there is no gap between parts, no gear, soft, flexible and labor-saving to ensure the accuracy of adjustment.Axial no clearance;Spanner reciprocating motion range is small, can effectively increase the use space of the seat;It can be connected with any seat and has simple connection and wide application range.

3D renderings:


Bright spot: use the new material to improve the strength, light weight.

Main performance indicators:

1, the outer diameter: Φ 77 x 14.3 mm

2. Weight: 0.4kg

3. Strength: before and after 5000N. M.

4, and the adjusting range: neutral Angle 94 °, 360 ° locking

5, unlock Angle: 32 ° plus or minus 3 °

6, critical unlock Angle: 17 ° plus or minus 3 °

7. Operating torque: no more than 3N. M.

8. Front and back clearance;Load plus or minus 147N at 500mm, the front and rear clearance is no more than 3mm.


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